Interview Project

“Our national language is Arabic and the hijackers are from Arab countries so I was scared that when I speak Arabic in public it would affect because hijackers also speak Arabic. -Francis Olimpio”

I interviewed my dad about what he experience on September 11, 2001 and his experience after the terrorist attacks. My parents came to America in August of 1999, they were fleeing from their homeland of South Sudan which was and still is to this day experiencing civil war. Being a nImage result for 9/11ew immigrant of this country and having to witness the terrorist attack wasn’t knew to them but they were more scared of how others would treat them when they would speak Arabic in public. Many foreigners also feared the exact same thing and many even considered moving to a different country or back to their homeland.



“I had many different feelings and because of these insecurities I wanted to go back home…But United States struggled hard to understand the Arab people, So far right now it’s safe. -Francis Olimpio”