Al Qaeda: The 9/11 Horror

I found AL Qaeda’s Outsize Shadow by Scott Shane very powerful to me because it made me look at 9/11 from Al Qaeda’s point of view and other muslims. I was really intrigued by this article because not only did it look at 9/11 but also other terrorists attacks from the Al Qaeda. Image result for 9-119/11 was a terrible attack that occurred but it also help strengthen our security and keep us alert. “Many Americans feared that the Sept. 11 attacks were only the beginning.” 9/11 was the first attack on American soil in a long time so it really had a lot of people scared but it also created the hatred towards the middle east to increase even though a lot of terrorists attacks on American soil aren’t done by Jihadist groups. “For an American, the chance each year of being killed by a terrorist of any ideology anywhere in the world is vanishingly small,” according to John Mueller, a political scientist at Ohio State. The hatred toward Muslims makes me upset because these are good people who are being discriminated because of some idiots that they have zero connection with them other than both sharing the same religion.  I know many people who are Muslim and everyday they wake up scared what might happen to them if they say something wrong to the wrong person or just wearing a hijab. Most of them came to America to escape persecution but now they’re being persecuted even more in America, “Land of the Free.” I understand how 9/11 effected many people but don’t hate the people who are innocent and just came to America to experience the American dream. I’m not saying that we need to ignore the extremist because they are the one’s that like causing turmoil and need to be eliminated. I really hope for a change of heart when it comes to the innocent Muslims.