Emily Dickinson Poem (112)

In this poem, Emily Dickinson uses multiple images to show what success means to her. She begins the poem saying “success is counted sweetest by those who ne’er succeed” to Emily Dickinson she believes success feels the best by those who have already felt defeat. She emphasis this in the next line when she compares “nectar” to success, both being sweet. In many of Emily Dickinson poems she uses nature to illustrate the message of the poem and she does it again when she mentioned nectar.“Not one of all the purple Host Who took the Flag today” this is another reference to success but instead the purple host could be people capturing the flag of an opponent. Dickinson then goes on to say “As he defeated dying… The distant strains of Triumph” this might refer to the loser laying on the ground listening to the victor rejoice but the only way to experience victory is through defeat first.