Source Evaluation #1

My first source is the book 1968: The year that rocked the world by Mark Kurlansky. This book talks about the controversy year 1968 which brought us the fall of President Nixon, Prague springs and my main focus the Summer Olympics. The chapter I focus on mainly explains what led to the black power salute and the reaction from the International Olympic Committee.

This chapter starts off talking about the controversy around race in the U.S. impacting the outcome of the summer Olympics. “The most apparent controversy on the horizon, the U.S. race conflicts. Kurlansky 321” Many black athletes were going to boycott the Olympics in protest of the race issues in the country. “Rather than run and jump for medals, we are standing up for humanity. Kurlansky 327” The idea of boycotting the Olympics split even the black community especially when athletes like Willie Mays and Jesse Owens wouldn’t boycott the Olympics. This chapter really focused on the lead up to the Olympics from the standpoint of black athletes.

The next source I used is an article from the New York Times. G.I athletes train for Olympics and to stay out of K.P duty by Bill Becker, this articles doesn’t look at the black power salute but it describes how much pride the United states took in the the summer Olympics. This is helpful because at first black athletes were going to boycott the Olympics and this made Americans very upset. This source is a different side to the story of the summer Olympics.

Kurlansky, Mark. 1968: the year that rocked the world. Ballantine, 2004.
Becker, Bill. “G.I athletes train for Olympics and to stay out of K.P duty .” New York times.

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  1. As discussed, try to revise this post to bring in a second source like one of the articles I sent. You should also look to revise some errors of capitalization (Race) or to include a full citation of the book and pages that you smartly quote. Once you do that revision, please send me a link to the new post and I can raise it from 86.

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