Honors: Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware

The book Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware was very confusing at the beginning but as I continued to read it I felt everything fall into place. The reason it was confusing was because to me the author threw a lot at the reader and  he didn’t stop to explain it. The overall theme/idea in Jimmy Corrigan is the dysfunction that occurs in some households can really effect the child or children. Jimmy is worried that whenever he comes too close to someone they’ll end up leaving him or blowing him off just like his dad did to him and his mother. Many kids also feel the same when they’re parents aren’t close or if they don’t know one of their parent.  This is evident when Jimmy goes to pick up his mail and Peggy completely blows him off. Jimmy is use to this from people so he wasn’t as hurt by it. Dysfunction in a household can alter the way a child reacts to situations and how to deal with awkward situations. An example of this from the book is when Jimmy and Amy are told they’re dad has died, Jimmy doesn’t have a reaction to this but Amy immediately started crying. Jimmy didn’t know what to do once Amy started crying and he didn’t know how to deal with this situation so he decided to just flee.