Boxing is a great example of American Culture because it can connect people of races which is what American culture is all about. Whats’s more American than spending my Saturday night watching a boxing match between an Conor Mcgregor, Irish man and Floyd Mayweather, African American in Las Vegas. Even though I tried not to think of the fight as a racial fight others were quick to jump to that especially when people were telling Conor to “beat that N word” Boxing has been linked to racial issues since the beginning particularly when the Great, Muhammad Ali to a stand against racial injustices. People like Muhammad Ali and other who fought for racial injustice would have been so disappointed with us especially with the events that occurred in Charlottesville this passed summer. If only we still had people like Ali to sacrifice everything change how people see racism. This boxing match showed how people of all races can come together and watch a fight but people still can’t come together and fight for actual equality like an American is suppose to do. So yes the most American thing I did this past weekend was watch a boxing match between a white man and a black man, and the black man was the winner at the end.

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